WiFi Ruler

WiFi Ruler is a free-of-cost app for the Android platform, which allows you to perform a driveby on a WiFi. You can set-up the app to connect to a wireless connection automatically on your smartphone while you walk by it. The app also gives you the option to skip the connection to an access point that requires payments for you to access their internet access. Now that we have given you a brief introduction of this entire app, let’s go deeper into the features of WiFi Ruler.

When you download and install the app, you will see a list of wireless networks you can connect to and that are in your area. You will have three options visible on the top of the menu: Live, Remembered and Rules. The Live menu is the default window you’ll see on the app, displaying all wireless networks in your range. From the list that appears, you will see your own wireless network listed by the SSID. Tap on it and the app will report the security level as WPA2-PSK as well as the MAC address. Also, if you tap on a wireless network, you can enter the password used by your network and have it applied to any of the pre-set rules.

There are various rules you will come to see while using the app: closed, café, home, driveby and neighbor. There are more but I will not get into those because they are not all that important. These are different rules you can apply depending on the type of connection you’re looking for. For example, if you apply the driveby rule, WiFi ruler will automatically connect to an access point once you come close to it.

If you want to access your home’s wireless internet connection, set the home rule. Once you apply a rule and a password is entered to secure the connection, you can save the settings or you can simply connect to the internet. The rules are kind of silly to us but everyone is always trying to introduce that “X” factor.

Once the app was installed in my Android smartphone, it disconnected two times and I’m not sure why, even though the connections were stable. But eventually, once I got my hands on a strong connection, it never let do. I noticed one thing though: if place the software between the operating system and the network adapter, you introduce a layer of complexity, leading to many problems in terms of connection.

We’re not really sure what the overall benefit of this app is. It’s unclear what role WiFi Ruler will play when you are trying to connect your Android to a particular wireless connection. From our point of view, it’s simply an app that you can use to manage your wireless connections, allowing you to quickly connect to them once your preferred is identified.

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