KoolSpan TrustCall

KoolSpan is an Android app that allows people and organizations both to encrypt voice calls and tSMSs on their cell phones. It’s easy to deploy and just as easy to use. Using this app, you can transform your smartphone to a secure phone, no matter what organization you work in etc. Thanks to a chip inserted in your smartphone, your phone will no longer be vulnerable to interceptions by third-party groups to eavesdrop on your calls or SMSs. It’s also planning to introduce a feature to encrypt your files as well but we will learn more about this later on in the year.

Its Components

KoolSpan TrustCall has many different components, including the mobile app, the encryption chip and the TrustRelay server. The app uses the encryption chip to integrate its technology with your smartphone’s address book, to ensure a thorough standard on encryption throughout your smartphone. The phone simply establishes an encryption IP tunnel, using either your cellular data or an available wireless connection.

The app used hardware encryption with its encryption chip, a microSD card with a crypto-co-processor to ensure your calls are secured. It promised to deliver military-grade voice encryption since the chip is certified with a FIP 140-2 Level 1 certification and uses an AES256 encryption.

The TrustRelay component is a voice relay server offered by the app. It authenticates devices with the TrustCall app before they establish a connection with peers. The actual calls travel through the encrypted tunnel we mentioned earlier in the article and it never touches the server. It can be used on a public relay by companies or they can simply install their own.

Who’s It For?

Well, government agencies are automatically eliminated from potential users because they are already given secured phones. The biggest demand, according to the developers of the app, is from people and companies in the private sector, like banks, stock brokers and security companies. Companies who have employees travelling internationally can also use the app as long as their phones are equipped with the needful.

Currently, the app can also be used on BlackBerry devices as well. A senior security engineer of the company has also stated that they will also be releasing a version of this app later this month on the iOS platform but I haven’t heard any other news after this statement was passed.


KoolSpan’s TrustCall app is a great phone encryption tool. It’s easy to depl0y and it’s easy to get started because you don’t need to use special phones or advanced technology. The app offers military-grade voce encryption and gives you mental peace and relaxation and as you no longer have to worry about people listening in on your conversations. Now, you can have your communication protected at all times. The deployment and flexibility is all working perfectly. We are grateful for the release of this app because we have not seen any other app cater to this aspect of our lives.

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