Great Productivity Apps

Time is more and more valuable especially in business, when you see your personal life mixing with your work life. The world isn’t short of software, though, to help your life easier to manage and simple easier overall; there are more than enough apps in the world, especially in the area productivity. If you have to get something done, there’ll surely be an app to help you.

Office Suites

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the best in its league. It has a great selection of tools, features and services. All of the services offered are either in-line with or above the standards of the industry, usually above industry standards. Such services are important for people who often find themselves in the need for collaborative tools, but even features offered by collaborative tools are in this Suite.

Collaborative Suites


This cloud-based service is given to us by none other than Microsoft. Effectively, it managed to combine the creation of documents and the ability to edit them, while they sync altogether. It will definitely be considered a cornerstone for Microsoft as their all new OS, Windows 8. It comes with some great mimics of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other basic Office suite services, providing users will the core functionalities and features users require.

Google Drive

This service requires no expenditure from your end. Not too long ago, it was known as Google Docs, and if you haven’t upgraded the service, it’ll still be called by this name. In terms of collaborative tool is in the world of cloud computing and web services, this app is the obvious choice. Documents can be both, created and edited in real-time. It can be accessed from anywhere, but the only thing you need is an internet connection and web browser. Recently, Google introduced from terrific syncing options, making it the ideal suite.

Business Applications

PaperPort Professional 14

PaperPort is a great way to assess personal and professional documents. You’re provided with amazing ways to manage documentation, with the support of cloud-based computing. It is currently considered the best business app and the added functionality connect to a cloud server really ups the whole experience.


Office Time is every small-business owner’s best friend. It helps freelancers and contractors to handle different areas of their work, like administrative works and paperwork. It’s considered to be a part of those highly practical apps, keeping a check on your hourly expenses, against which you can generate invoices for easier financial management and book-keeping. This app will let you keep a track on the time you’ve spent on different projects you’ve completed, showing you the costs of each on a minute business.

Are there are any other productivity apps you tried but we missed out on? Share your experiences and thoughts with us. Feedback is encouraged.



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