Google Voice Recognition vs Siri

Google’s Voice Recognition was one of the biggest additions into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This voice recognition feature was integrated into Google’s Search feature. Now, just like the Siri, you can ask your Android smartphone/tablet various questions, with your device replying to you in a totally natural way.

We saw the introduction of this voice recognition feature as a new debate amongst Android and Apple enthusiasts. People have started asking which is better: Siri or Google? This only meant one thing and one thing only: they had to be tested against one another in the same circumstances of course. We came up with a few questions we would ask the two so there’s no ambiguity like we asked them different questions etc. One thing you need to keep in mind was since we couldn’t get our hands on the iOS 6, we compared Siri on the iOS 5 with Jelly Bean’s voice recognition.

We stared with some fairly basic questions and then threw some curveballs near the end of our test.

What is the Capital of the United States?

I asked both of the systems this questions and both systems fetched the right answer. It wasn’t really a tough question because we were to start off easy. However, there was a difference in the time it took to fetch the answer an Android was the winner in this aspect.

Show Me Photos of Mount Rushmore

Upon asking this question, Android generated pictures of this well-known landmark, quickly might I add. It generated the answer in a little grid, showing various pictures of the mountain. On the other hand, Siri asked me a question in return, whether I would like to do a web search. Eventually, it gave me what I asked for but required me to go through an additional step.

Where is the Empire State Building?

Siri underwent some trouble surprisingly. The difficulty level is not really all that high since it’s a really basic question. The counterpart of Apple’s Siri, Google, handled this question very nicely. It produced a map, specifying the address of the Empire State Building, which is located in New York, USA. When it comes to landmarks and famous buildings, it seems like Google had the upper hand.

Should I Take an Umbrella This Sunday?

When I asked the Siri this question, I don’t think it quite understood what I was asking because it gave me a list of local stores where I could buy umbrellas from. But after it realized what I was asking, it told me that it couldn’t predict the weather for Sunday and presented us with a 5-day weather forecast. Android, on the other hand, said we wouldn’t need an umbrella on Sunday and followed up with a 50day weather forecast as well, avoiding any confusion etc.

Who Was the Number One NBA Draft Pick In 2012?

Oddly, both systems didn’t have an answer to this question. What they did was they provided links with the keywords highlighted. In this regard, I’m guessing the search was a tie.

Both systems showed us flaws but at the same time, they managed to show us where they are strong as well. It’s hard to determine which is better but so far, Google’s Voice Recognition came out on top.

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